Winter Plans

As we move into our first winter it is a good time to take stock of where we are, and where we plan to go.

Considering our plan was to establish the Club over the winter but decided we would bring those plans forward to ensure cover for a charity game that was losing their original opponents we are pretty pleased with what we have achieved. Unlike a lot of charity cricket clubs we are not really that focussed on playing games ourselves. I know that sounds a tad counter productive but our focus is to make people aware of what cricket can do for them be that playing, scoring, umpiring, volunteering or watching so education, participation and awareness are our priorities, whilst supporting a number of causes and charities through increased awareness and fundraising.

Primarily we have laid the foundations for next year.

I think as good a way as any is to list some links below to various parts of the site that demonstrate this:

Over the winter we have a number of objectives we will be working on:

More of the same in many ways, but with a clearer focus that when we started and building on the momentum we have created.