Coloured Playing Tops

Huge thank you to Ambition Sport for the co-design and production of our coloured playing tops, to our exceptional sponsor TEAMS and to @AzeemRafiq30 for the use of his Number 30 on each shirt.

The design is very much intended to highlight inclusivity, whilst at the same time drawing attention to a number of issues, causes and projects that we have chosen to support and promote at our own cost and for no commercial gain:

Our Sponsor TEAMS has two projects they are keen to highlight: chaiiwala and Chocoberry, and we couldn’t produce a kit without including our Founding Members company, Williamson Boucher.

The shirt was designed with a five (5) year shelf life in mind so we don’t intend to alter it each year, and it was designed to look cool, bright and to give those that wear it a sense of belonging.

We will hold enough stock to provide a top for a full Junior and a full Senior team. We will sell tops to those wanting to own their own and replace (minimum order of 10 required), so if you want to buy a shirt (£30) please get in touch

We do have a second coloured shirt and of course people are welcome to head over to the Shop and buy one for themselves or maybe you would like to donate to give others the chance to wear one.