We are working with three great companies, all with a tremendous passion for cricket: Masuri, Williamson Boucher and Ambition Sport.

Williamson Boucher offer a superb range of equipment and have been a supporter of the club from Day One.

Ambition Sport provide our bespoke coloured playing tops.

Masuri provide our White and Coloured playing kit and a range of training and leisure wear for men, woman and juniors.

Coloured Kit

We have a limited number of one off Coloured Tops from Ambition Sport which we will make available for specific games, but we have a limited range of sizes until we can generate funds to order more.

Ideally we would like players to buy their own shirts and trousers from our Masuri online store where we have coloured playing tops and sweaters available for men, woman and children, and playing trousers available for men, woman and children, but it is more than acceptable to wear your own black or dark blue trousers (preferably).

Similarly Black Pads are the official colour, but Dark Blue or White batting pads are more than acceptable.

If you don’t want to buy a coloured sweater the suggestion is that you wear a base layer under shirt if necessary (again black preferable, dark blue or white acceptable).

Members and guests will be provided with an appropriate playing top for the game, but regular players are encouraged to buy their own from us, and of course you don’t have to be a player to own one!

Please feel free to wear your own club cap or purchase a NBCC branded one from our online store.

There is a minimum order requirement for the Coloured Playing Tops from Ambition Sport so we will coordinate that. Please look at the Donate Page for details of how you can buy some kit, or help us buy kit for players.

White Kit

We have a white kit comprising of a Short Sleeved Shirt (Men), Short Sleeved Shirt (Woman), Playing Trousers (Men), Playing Trousers (Woman), and Short Sleeved Sweater all with our logo and the sponsors logo.

We will hold a stock so we can provide members and guests with a set for when they play, but regular players are encouraged to buy their own set, which of course can have your own initials on!

Long Sleeve Shirts and Sweaters are available to purchase as well.

Training Kit & Leisure Wear

We have a range of training kit with our logo on that can be purchased from Masuri which includes a Hoodie, T Shirt and Shorts for men, woman and children.

Shop Our Masuri Store

You can access the store here, and remember every purchase includes a donation to NBCC causes and charities.