No Boundaries Cricket Club is a registered (14004918) Community Interest Company (a type of company introduced by the United Kingdom government in 2005 under the Companies (Audit, Investigations and Community Enterprise) Act 2004, designed for social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for the public good. CICs are intended to be easy to establish, with all the flexibility and certainty of the company form, but with some special features to ensure they are working for the benefit of the community. They are overseen by the Regulator of Community Interest Companies.

It was established by Chris Marshall in March 2022 and the CIC36 application can be viewed here and the Articles of Association here.

Subsequently this Board Note was produced confirming that Chris will fulfill the role of Chairman and CEO until such time as the business has grown to sustain separating these roles, and at the same time Sandra Marshall was appointed Company Secretary & Treasurer.


As the name implies we are a Cricket based Community Interest Company (NOT a Charity Team) whose primary aim is to educate people on the benefits and opportunities cricket provides. We will put together teams to introduce people to the game and from time to time we will play games to generate awareness and raise funds, but we are very much a Business aiming to make profits which in turn we will use to achieve our objectives

We have two distinct sides to the Club:

  • On the field we aim to provide opportunities to play cricket in the right spirit. All are welcome, and we have a strong focus on introducing woman and children to the game of cricket.
  • Off the field we aim to raise funds and awareness and run educational programs focussed on diversity, inclusiveness, and racism and improving animal welfare.

This is important to recognise as it means we have two distinct sides to the Club which each require their own distinct structure(s) to run.

Off The Field

The CIC is fundamentally a limited company guaranteed by liability (£1 per member – which is the CIC term for Director). There are currently two Directors, Chris Marshall (Chair & CEO) and Sandra Marshall (Company Secretary & Treasurer).

We are open to having up to 5 Directors in due course but are in no rush. New Directors must be appointed with a specific objective in mind and with the relevant skill set. Anyone thinking they can contribute can put themselves forward.

It is important that the CIC does not spread itself too thin or over extend itself so will be selective as to how many charities/causes we actively support on an ongoing basis.

The blog will provide awareness and educational content for the charities and causes that we support. We will invite guest contributors to help them develop their writing skills and presence.

We want to secure contracts, funding and grants to deliver educational programs both online and in person with schools, clubs, organisations and communities to help disadvantaged children to improve their lives through involvement with and through cricket.

The same applies to our animal welfare objective.

We want to promote job opportunities in and around cricket, not just playing: scoring, umpiring, statistician, ground staff. We can set up/facilitate training programs and look at working with local clubs to give people work experience and exposure to these skills.

On The Field

We are NOT aiming to be a celebrity charity cricket club playing at high profile venues. We will play at local clubs against the local club with our team made up of club members, guests, and local cricketers.

Our cricket games will have two very specific objectives: 1) to support the nominated cause, as well as our partners and sponsor, and 2) to introduce as many players as possible to the game of cricket. We will hold coaching and playing sessions at the club on the morning for both club members and newcomers to the game and in the afternoon, we will play a game (or games) which allow all to play.

We will introduce a recognised structure to run the cricket side of the club: Director of Cricket, Club Captain, Vice Captains, Safeguarding & Welfare Officer.

We will keep an open mind to absorbing other clubs into our ‘tribe’: charity specific ones and higher profile celebrity ones which help expand our reach and ability to help more people and animals BUT we need to walk before we run. We can maintain relationships with these clubs, and possibly play them, but our initial priority and focus is NBCC.

We will not be paying for grounds, or for people to play. Players will cover their own costs associated with games.

Please ensure you read our Code of Conduct and Constitution and for this page for the latest on our strategic vision and plans as they eveolve.