Although we we have no fixed abode so no ground or clubhouse to maintain we do incur some minor costs in relation to running the club, specifically the need to have some kit for players to use! As such we have a number of options to encourage you to part with some of your hard earned cash.

We have a two playing membership options:

  • Lifetime: a one off payment of £200 with £50 going towards cricket related costs. Each member will receive a coloured playing shirt (see membership form below) bat sticker, and lapel pin and £150 will be donated towards the charities and causes we support
  • Annual: £25 a year membership fee. Each member will receive a bat sticker and lapel pin when they join.

For non playing members we have a couple of options

  • Donating Member: a voluntary donation which will be recognised with a lapel pin, this donation can be specified for a particular cause or charity
  • Supporting Member: a blog adding our link, active social media support, ad hoc help with the club.

Playing and Donating members will be allowed to vote at the annual AGM – probably held online to keep costs down.

We have three Founding Members (with the Blazers to prove it): Dr Simon Chowdhury, Gareth Boucher and Chris Marshall

Hopefully our Affiliated Clubs Programme will ensure we give players plenty of opportunities to play.

Member Details

Founding Members

  • Dr Simon Chowdhury (Valerie 01)
  • Gareth Boucher
  • Chris Marshall (Marshall 63)

Playing Members

  • Harry Franks – Junior
  • Tim Murphy (Murphy 4)
  • Rob Franks – Playing Captain
  • Rosa Simkin (Simkin 21) – Junior Captain
  • Bob Instone
  • Gareth Boucher – Club Vice Captain
  • Jenson Boucher – Junior
  • Chris Marshall (Marshall 63) – Club Captain
  • Tommy Stewart
  • Adam Trigwell
  • Duncan Stone
  • Poppy Davies
  • Dr Sarmad Ahmed
  • George McMenemy
  • Kev Baker
  • Jake Burton
  • Vicky Hadley (Vicky 48)
  • Alex Smith
  • Laurence Skermer
  • Simon Foulds
  • Paul Johnston
  • Sue Strachan
  • Rab Cooper
  • Mike Holdcroft
  • Loz Sidwell
  • Amy Holmes
  • Darrell Butler – LGBTQ+ Captain
  • Lachlan Stephen-Smith
  • Tom Goodings
  • Ravi Amruth
  • Sam Chambers
  • Tom Verrow
  • Thomas Roche
  • Abdullah Kasim
  • Tom Verrow
  • Sam Chambers
  • Leo Skyner
  • Frank Roberts
  • Ali Choudhry

Whakapapa Warriors

  • Leonie Hadley-Wilkinson (Leonie 11)

Donating Members

Club Details


Chairman of Selectors – Tito our somewhat ‘mad’ Galgo

  • Chair – Chris Marshall (Acting)
  • CEO – Chris Marshall
  • Company Secretary & Finance – Sandra Marshall
  • NED – TBC
  • NED – TBC
  • Head of Individual Development – TBC
  • Head of Club Development – TBC
  • Head of Community Development – Darrell Butler
  • Head of Compliance (aka Whakapapa) – Alex Smith
  • Head of Cricket (Disability) – Rob Franks
  • Head of Cricket (Woman & Girls’) – TBC
  • Head of Cricket (LGBTQ+) – TBC
  • Head of Cricket (Development) – TBC


Please check out the various courses which are available.



Serving Officers

As per the Constitution the serving Officers are:

  • Sandra Marshall (Secretary & Treasurer)
  • Chris Marshall (Chair, CEO & Welfare Officer)

Player Details

Players Kit Details

  • Marie Kelly (Club Cap, Light Blue Playing Top & Black Playing Trousers)
  • Gareth Boucher (Club Cap, Coloured Playing Top)
  • Jenson Boucher (Coloured Playing Top)
  • Rosa Simkin (Light Blue Playing Top, Black Playing Trousers, Baseball Cap, Coloured Playing Top)
  • Tim Murphy (Light Blue Playing Top, Playing Trousers)
  • Simon Chowdhury (Light Blue Playing Top)
  • Jake Burton (Coloured Playing Top, Black Training Trousers)
  • Rob Franks (Coloured Playing Top)
  • Harry Franks (Coloured Playing Top)
  • John Nunan (Coloured Playing Top, White Playing Top, White Playing Trousers)
  • Bob Instone (Coloured Playing Top, Coloured Playing Trousers, Club Cap)
  • Sarmad Ahmed (Coloured Playing Top)
  • Vicky Hadley (Light Blue Playing Top)
  • Alex Smith (Coloured Playing Top)
  • Rab Cooper (Coloured Playing Top)
  • Abdullah Kasim (Coloured Playing Top)
  • Tom Goodings (Coloured Playing Top)

Membership Application Form