NBCC Mentor Liam Cope

Really pleased that Liam Cope (@LiamCope10) has joined NBCC as a Mentor (Umpiring). No surprise that we met when Liam stood in one of our games and it was immediately obvious how passionate he was for the game of cricket, the development of the younger players, and what we are trying to achieve with NBCC.

Growing up there was a phrase about Children: that they should be seen but not heard, and in some ways Umpires are the same. A really good Umpire will ensure the game flows, the players are kept well informed, decisions are given with confidence, but most importantly they will go about their role “in the background’, leaving the stage to the players.

We repeatedly say that all players in a Club should do the Stage One Umpires Course so they have an understanding and appreciation of the laws and their implementation, and with so many youngsters now having to “do an end” it would give them more confidence, and the players reassurance that they would make good decisions (why not make a night of it: big screen, bite to eat, get an umpire in to ask questions).

After a life threatening injury I started umpiring in 2012. Having umpired in the Aire Wharfe senior cricket league and the Bradford cricket league I now find myself in the beautiful Huddersfield cricket league. I am very fortunate to receive great mentorship which I’m more than happy to pass on what I am learning to any upcoming umpires.

Exactly what we want from a mentor!