Whakapapa Compliance

Whakapapa, and the development of a sense of belonging, is a fundamental foundation of No Boundaries Cricket Club.

Both on and off the field we strive to ensure we live up to this value, and as we expand the club, we are creating a role so that we have someone focussed on this.

On the field they will be responsible for safeguarding and welfare, and that the teams selected comply with the objectives of the game.

Off the field they will monitor the causes and charities we support to ensure they meet our Whakapapa threshold.

The role will promote and raise awareness of our values both on and off the field, and will take the lead on complaints in case anyone feels we fail to live up to our values.

It will be responsible for Safeguarding Welfare and EDI.

The title of the role? Head of Compliance (aka Whakapapa)