NBCC Welcome: Poppy Davies

Delighted to welcome Central Sparks Wicket-Keeper & Batsman Poppy Davies to No Boundaries Cricket Club, where we will undoubtedly benefit from, and enjoy, her skills on the field (batter and wicket keeper) and off the field (coach and enthusiasm for the game).

Not sure you will be bowling too many leg breaks though Poppy!!!

Poppy is a regular these days at the Edgbaston Nets where, when not practising, she is developing her coaching skills having recently passed her ECB Core Coach (which is where she met Chris as they were both on the same course and teamed up for the exercise which made their teams average age close to the average for the course!) and has plans to take the ECB Advanced Course during the 2023 off season (and who knows she may well be on the same course as Chris again!)

No surprise then that we are looking forward to learning from Poppy ourselves as well as helping her pass on her knowledge and experience to those looking to get involved in the game.

Fair to say we needed a high quality wicket keeper and batter, and what team doesn’t want someone that can play the flute and violin?!

You can follow Poppy on Twitter (@davies_poppy) and Instagram (poppydavies_XX)

Huge thanks to Laura Malkin Sports Photography (@LMalkinPhotos) for use of the photograph and our very own Vlogger and Junior Vice Captain Rosa Simkin for the poster.