NBCC partners with #HerGameToo

Having written before about #HerGameToo it will (hopefully) be no surprise that we have signed up as a Grassroots Partner to support their campaign against sexism in Sport.

Who Are #HerGameToo?

The fan-led, voluntary organisation focuses on ensuring women and girls are welcomed and respected equally within sport. #HerGameToo was first launched in May 2021 and has since partnered with dozens of professional football clubs including Bristol Rovers, Leeds United and Everton, and cricket clubs including Gloucester and Somerset.

Discrimination towards women and girls in sport is not acceptable at any level, and we will be working together to support, encourage and inspire women within the game.

Lucy Ford, Co-Founder of #HerGameToo and #HerGameToo Cricket Lead Team said: “We are delighted to be partnered up with No Boundaries Cricket Club, and look forward to working together encouraging woman and girls to get involved in Cricket. We hope to establish an annual game to introduce woman and girls to the game and to promote the campaign.”

Chris Marshall, Co-Founder of No Boundaries Cricket Club said: “Partnering with #HerGameToo is a natural fit for us as we aim to encourage woman and girls to the game of cricket whether that be playing, coaching, umpiring, scoring, volunteering or watching.”

What Is A Grassroots Partner?

What does this entail?

  • At #HerGameToo, we’re striving to make sport more accessible for women and girls and want to encourage inclusion across all levels of the game. 
  • We have reporting systems in place for any sexist abuse/persecution and we also help to raise awareness of local opportunities for females. 
  • The aim of a grassroots partnership would be to highlight and improve the experiences of female fans and players. 
  • We would ask that you promote the #HerGameToo campaign using whatever means you have available to you – be it banners, posters, badges on kits or simply social media posts. 
  • In return, we will help you with any sexism related issues you may face, promote events such as trials & training days for girls and your girls and womens teams in general, and potentially help out with funding if we have the ability to do so.