WECare Sri Lanka Street Dogs Project

WECare Worldwide is the project chosen by our Ambassador Rob Lewis for No Boundaries Cricket Club to support, and we can not think of a better project to get involved with. With an estimated three million street dogs in Sri Lanka lacking any form of veterinary care, Dr Janey Lowes (founder of WECare) and her team of 30 have a mission to transform the lives of animals so no street dog goes without high standard veterinary care.


WECare was set up by UK vet Dr Janey Lowes in 2014 when she saw the plight of the street dogs while on holiday in Sri Lanka. Realising the dogs had everything they need to survive – food, freedom and a safe place to sleep – except access to high standard veterinary care, she couldn’t turn her back on them. So, she moved her life to the island to live her calling.

Since 2014, WECare has grown from a one-man-band to a dedicated team of 30 individuals, working together to help, treat and educate. 


Catch-Neuter-Vaccinate-Release (CNVR) is the backbone of everything they do. It’s the most humane, sustainable and impactful way of reducing the roaming dog population, and keeping the current ones happy and healthy. (Read More)

As vets, their focus is very much on the level of care provided. As animal lovers, they combine our skills with lots of love and compassion to create not only a life-saving, but a cuddle-filled experience for their patients. (Read More)

WECare provides education programmes in schools, community centres and to the whole community during outreach programmes. We also carry out veterinary teaching and aim to help transform standards island-wide. (Read More)

Please consider making a donation directly on the Donation Page.