Osha’s Flying Paws

We are very happy to confirm our support for Osha’s Flying Paws (@osha_paws) who help to find perfect homes and raise travel funds for the forgotten animals of Pakistan. Lots of happy ever afters and who are affiliated with @tws_pk2 and @psa_pk.

The dogs of Pakistan are amongst the most abused and mistreated in the world. Its these dogs that we hope to help travel outside of Pakistan to find loving homes. Sadly nobody adopts local street dogs in Pakistan.


Our help will primarily be through ALStrays Re-Homing and Transport, specifically with transport of the dogs within the UK, as well as helping on social media to highlight the dogs in need of foster and permanent homes.

With Pakistan being such a proud and successful cricketing nation we want to try and encourage more people to get involved with animal welfare and in helping the animals.

Also, there is some tragedy in the Whakappa of Osha’s Flying Paws and we wanted to try and help ensure that Kris’s legacy is all that it deserves to be.

The world of animal welfare is distressing, upsetting and full of tragedy, bit it is also full of remarkable and inspirational people, and we want to help as much as we can.

We will be looking to have an annual fixture to promote the animal welfare causes we support.