Affiliated Grounds

Whilst we are a nomadic club with no ground of our own and whose plan is to play at our oppositions ground, from time to time it is useful to have a ‘home ground’ that we can use.

As such we have introduced the affiliated grounds programme which is a rather grand name for a list!

An affiliated ground is one which we will allow us to host a game and will not charge for the ground hire or the teas (if provided) so 100% of match fees will be donated to the relevant charity or cause the game is being played to support.

We would also be able to use the club nets, subject to availability and pre booking, to run coaching sessions if we had players local to the club that we were working with.

We don’t need many and at most we would play once a year so if you feel this is a way in which you could support us please let us know.

In return we will happily promote your club and events and if required, relevant and feasible will attend your committee meetings either as a guest or member to keep you up to date on our club and work with you on any joint projects.

Our Affiliated Grounds

Spen Victoria Cricket, Bowls and Athletic Club

Hammerwich Cricket Club

Church Eaton Cricket Club

Hospital Services Cricket Club

Rodley Cricket Club