An end of season game between Birmingham Unicorns and NBCC.

NBCC team will include players from NBCC, Staffordshire Seniors, and Church Eaton.

This will be the second game this season, an opportunity for the Unicorns to level the two game series!

Chris as Coach of the Unicorns has picked their side! One issue many Unicorns players have is lack of match experience, so this game is very much about giving them match experience and an opportunity to (hopefully) benefit from the rather vast amount of experience within the NBCC side.


Sunday 17th September


Hammerwich Cricket Club, Burntwood Road, Staffordshire, WS7 0JQ


GPS: 52°40’19.3″N 1°54’01.6″W or 52.672019, -1.900445


1pm Start

Please arrive midday so we can get some photos done, have a inspirational team talk, a warm up, and for us oldies compare aches and pains (this session will be led by Bob)


Fair to say the Unicorns have age on their side, whilst NBCC has experience, but unfortunately experience can’t run to the boundary and throw the ball back in! That said it is the end of a long season so expect NBCC to have more people round the bat than usual!!!!

There are a few ‘match ups’ that we will work with given the nature of the two sides, and in order to ensure that everyone has a good game the Unicorns will bat first and will bat the whole of their 45 overs, with dismissed batters returning if applicable until all overs are completed. NBCC will then have 35 overs and 10 wickets to chase this total down.

We are also giving Unicorns TWO WILD CARDS they can play if required:

  1. They can nominate a NBCC player to bat for them after 15 overs and 30 overs (fall of next wicket once these overs are reached) and they will provide a substitute fielder.
  2. They can nominate a NBCC bowler to bowl for them after 10 or 20 overs (we get them back if needed to bat in which case they can have a replacement)

NB: they can only have a total of two ie, 1 Batter & 1 Bowler, 2 Batters or 2 Bowlers

Play Cricket

The game is on Play Cricket so please ensure you register


All welcome over the age of 14.

Scorers and Umpires

Scorers: TBC

Umpires: TBC


NBCC will provide coloured playing tops for the NBCC team. Please let us know your size and we will do our best to provide you with the right one BUT we don’t have sweaters so consider a base layer, or even a sweater underneath. If possible wear black bottoms, or feel free to head over to our store and treat yourself. You will be able to buy your coloured top for £30 if you feel so inclined with all the funds going into supporting the club.

Players with a * have already purchased playing tops, so please don’t forget them 🤞

If you do need to borrow equipment or kit please check our our virtual kit bag and let us know in advance what you need.

NBCC Squad/Team

  • Richie Buxton (Wall) – Confirmed Size 2XL
  • Laurence Skermer (NBCC) – Confirmed 2XL
  • Rob Heath (Staffordshire) – Confirmed L
  • Kevin Jeffries (NBCC) – Confirmed 3XL
  • Ollie Rowlands (Church Eaton) – Confirmed Size XL
  • Ian White (Staffordshire) – Confirmed L
  • Rab Cooper (Church Eaton) – Confirmed 2XL
  • Taylor Powell (Church Eaton) – Confirmed Size XL
  • Chris Marshall Captain (NBCC) – Confirmed *
  • Alex Smith WK (Unicorns) – Confirmed *
  • Bob Instone (NBCC) – Confirmed *

Few of you have bigger shirts than requested unfortunately as we a little short on L and XL.

Will probably go with the above as a batting order.

We have a number of bowling options but will probably focus on:

  • Ian White
  • Ollie Rowlands
  • Rob Heath
  • Taylor Powell
  • Bob Instone
  • Kevin Jeffries
  • Chris Marshall

I may bowl the odd over against specific Unicorn Players as they will be keen to smash me out of the park!!!!

Could ALL NBCC players please read the NBCC Players Information page.

Playing Conditions

  1. A new pink ball will be available per innings.
  2. Maximum of 9 overs per bowler (Unicorns), 7 overs per bowler (NBCC)
  3. We don’t need to see any ‘Mankads’ at this level BUT we all need to adopt best practice so umpires/bowlers/captains are asked to point out to a batter if they are a potential ‘victim’ for the sole purpose of helping them avoid it in future games.

Match Fee

No match fee, but those that are able to make a donation are encouraged to do so.


Bring your own.

Cricket Kindness Project

We will be collecting unwanted cricket equipment for our partner The Cricket Kindness Project on the day. Any equipment collected on the day will be available to purchase with all proceeds going to the project, and any unsold equipment will be added to the general pot for distribution to those in need.

Win A Kane Williamson Signed Cricket Bat

We will be offering a chance to win this bat at each game.