Win A Signed Kane Williamson Cricket Bat

Update: we didn’t sell all the teams but as we said it we would reveal the winner at the end of the season we went ahead and fortunately the winning team Manchester United had not surprisingly been grabbed by Steve in Spain, so I will get the bat to him when I next go over.

Update Two: Steve has very kindly re donated the bat to us so we will figure out what to do with it next season by way of a gift or an opportunity for another cause to raise money.

Throughout the 2023 Season we will be providing the opportunity to win a signed Kane Williamson Cricket Bat which Darren Gough (@DGoughie) kindly arranged for Chris (@MarshallCAJ3107) to get signed at the Headingley Test in 2022.


We will have the bat with us at all the 2023 fixtures and you can also participate online.

The money raised will be shared across the various charities, projects and animal welfare causes (see sidebar) that we support, BUT if you have a preference for your money then please let us know (see below.)

We will post the winning team. This will be done either once the card is completed or at the end of the season. If all the teams have not been taken by the end of the season we will still close the competition and if the revealed name is one of the teams not taken we will put all the taken names into a hat and draw one out the old fashioned way.

How To Participate

We have a Football Card (yes a little ironic) with eighty (80) teams on. Entry is £10 per team. When you pay (see below) tell us your team(s) and we will update both the card and the list below.

You can also tell us which of the charities, projects or animal welfare causes you wish to have your money donated to.

  1. we will have the bat and card at every fixture we play so you can pay and play that way
  2. you can play online by donating via PayPal (below) and emailing us the relevant information or you can pay by bank transfer (details on Donate page)

How To Pay

You can pay via this PayPal link or the Donate button below. Please ensure you give us your name and email (which will not be displayed but will be used to notify you if win), your preferred team(s) and alternative team(s) along with any specific charity, project or animal welfare cause you want your donation to go towards.

The Card

Updated: 15th June 2022. We will update this photo regularly as Teams are selected to ensure you see your name is on the card against the team you selected, but please check the list below as they will be updated every time a team is taken.
  • Yeovill: Dave B
  • Bolton: Alex
  • Swindon:
  • Brentford: Graces CC
  • Torquay: Paul (Spain)
  • Southend:
  • Aston Villa: Tim Murphy
  • West Brom:
  • Accrington:
  • Stoke City: Mattie Green Lane CC
  • Macclesfield: Dave B
  • QPR:
  • Wycombe: Earl Shilton CC
  • Blackpool:
  • Leicester: Birmingham Unicorns
  • Arsenal: Bob Instone
  • Tottenham: Steve D
  • Bournemouth: Laurence Skermer
  • Manchester Utd: Paul (Spain)
  • Everton: Dave B
  • Blackburn:
  • Fulham:
  • Cheltenham: James
  • Watford:
  • Wolves: Kev Baker
  • Chelsea: Graces CC
  • Oldham: Birmingham Unicorns
  • Ipswich:
  • Bury:
  • Leeds: Kevin Jeffries
  • Doncaster: Mattie Green Lane CC
  • Birmingham City: Hospital Services
  • Rochdale:
  • Derby: Mattie Green Lane CC
  • Scunthorpe:
  • Middlesborough:
  • Crewe: Dave B
  • Hartlepool: Tim Murphy
  • Hull City:
  • Burnley:
  • Norwich: Steve D
  • Huddersfield:
  • Swansea:
  • Peterborough: Jake Burton
  • Grimsby:
  • Lincoln: Paul (Spain)
  • Manchester City: Bob Instone
  • Coventry:
  • West Ham Utd:
  • Carlisle:
  • Wigan:
  • Sheffield Utd: James
  • Leyton Orient: Graces CC
  • Newcastle:
  • Barnsley:
  • Notts Forest:
  • Shrewsbury:
  • Darlington: Paul (Spain)
  • Reading:
  • Northampton:
  • Rangers: Alex Unicorns
  • Exeter:
  • Bradford: David Green Lane CC
  • Plymouth:
  • Rotherham: Kevin Jeffries
  • Hereford:
  • Stockport:
  • Walsall: Graces CC
  • Portsmouth:
  • Cardiff: Dave B
  • Milton Keynes: Green Lane CC
  • Colchester:
  • Sunderland: Steve D
  • Liverpool: Paul (Spain)
  • Celtic:
  • Preston: Alex Unicorns
  • Southampton:
  • C.Palace:
  • Bristol City:
  • Aldershot: Tim Murphy