A few bits and pieces that all players should read please. Some of it will be more useful and interesting than others, and it may not all be relevant depending on the game you are playing in.

We put out a variety of teams throughout the year so please be aware of the profile of the team you are playing in and use appropriate behaviour. Remember on the day you are an ambassador for the game, for No Boundaries Cricket Club and yourself.

  1. Please read the clubs Code of Conduct, it will be assumed that you have.
  2. If you have not read the ECB Directives on cricket before you may want to take a few minutes to read them.
  3. Players will be expected to adhere to the ECB Code of Conduct.

Please not that as a virtual club we do not have our own insurance so please ensure you are aware of this and make your own arrangements if necessary. There are plenty of options but you may want to look at Insure4Sport.

Playing Kit

When we play in Whites our aim is to provide every player with club branded shirts and trousers (to be returned after the game). We are increasing our stock of sizes but at times it may be that we do not have your exact size. If the size we are able to provide is not comfortable or practical for you then please feel free to wear your own kit. We will sort this out before each game so hopefully no surprises or disappointment on the day.

Players with their own equipment should bring it with them. We do have a selection of equipment that players can use. Again, we will sort this out with individuals before each game so we know we have enough kit in the the old kit bag – well to be fair not really old as we only bought it in 2022!

When we play in coloured kit we will provide a coloured playing top along the same lines as above. It would be preferable if you could team these up with black playing trousers and black pads. We have some Batting Clad Pads that can be used.

You can, of course (please), buy your own kit from our Masuri Online Store if you play regularly.


We will of course adhere to the ECB Guidelines (The ECB’s current guidance is that all cricketers under the age of 18 must wear a head protector whilst batting in matches or practice sessions. The ECB also now strongly recommends that junior players use head protectors which have been tested against the junior sized ball. Wicket keepers under the age of 18 should wear a head protector with a faceguard, or a wicketkeeper face protector, at all times when standing up to the stumps) and where a helmet is worn the individual must provide their own.

The Directive is that players should provide their own which is sensible, but impractical for many so we have taken the decision that we will provide helmets for use where necessary, but will be vigilant that these helmets are checked and replaced if the ball strikes them. It is a very difficult balance as protecting your head is incredibly important but at the same time the chances of everyone being able to afford their own is extremely low. One thing we will not allow or endorse is a player lending their helmet to another player as we have no means of knowing the history of that helmet.

For those that want to turn their own helmet into a NBCC Club Helmet then take a look at these Helmet Clads. OR take a look at the Masuri Branded Helmets in our club store, or in this blog post.

Stumps, Balls and Bails

We will use our club branded stumps and coloured bails unless the opposition objects or wants to use their own and we will provide a new ball for each innings.

Play Cricket

Our fixtures will be on Play Cricket, and as players you will need to register on Play Cricket. To register you need to be signed up on Play Cricket and then you apply to join us.