Masuri Branded Club Helmet

Fair to say Chris has a few helmets which he has reviewed on his personal blog, so no huge surprise that he has added a No Boundaries Cricket Club Masuri Branded Helmet (available through our store) to his collection, other than the fact he hates wearing one and as a rule bats in a club cap.

It is mandatory that the wears one at Edgbaston in the nets because that is their policy. No denying they make sense to wear but you don’t often see anyone wearing them in the Over 60s games.

Love the way the logo has worked on the light blue.
See above LOL can’t get too much of a good thing eh!!
Tad biased but even the yellow Masuri stands out better on the light blue
One thing Chris dislikes is how hot a helmet is. He was intrigued as to why the Pros put tape on their helmets but it does hold the side protection in more securely and if you look closely the black tape at the bottom of the stemguard was an idea he came up with to stop the sound of the guard banging up and down when he ran.