NBCC Ambassador Tamara Lowe

Absolutely delighted that the driving force behind the amazing The Cricket Kindness Project, Tamara Lowe is joining NBCC as an Ambassador.

Fair to say that Tamara is a force of nature, and her energy and passion are only equalled by her ability to deliver, so we are expecting to be kept on our toes!

Don’t be fooled by her Twitter use @cricket_fairy. Her desire, and ability, to improve the lives of disadvantaged children through the game of cricket is an exact fit with what we are trying to achieve.

Together we aspire to leave no unused piece of equipment gathering dust when it can be in the hands of a child.

We will miss Tamara when she returns to Australia in September (2022) but it is great that she will continue to run the international side of the business as well as promote NBCC – and maybe just maybe get us some Test Tickets!!!!