Match Report: Save Village Cricket

Today I had the pleasure of playing in the first Save Village Cricket (@savevcricket) Team against The Metronomes (@TheMetronomesCC), a club I know well, but have never played against.

Save Village Cricket ia campaign to save village cricket! Coordinated by Bayford and Herford Nondescripts Cricket Club (

The Metronomes raise money for the National Autistic Society.

As I understand it the objective of the day was to have fun and increase awareness of the threat Village Cricket is under around the UK.

We played a timed game, with SVC providing some of the loudest and most uncomfortable kit (too small) I have ever worn, but it added to the fun, and it was good to take to the field with NBCC Ambassador Mark Church and to play against some friends in The Metronomes team!

We batted first, with 3 or 4 of the batter retiring on 30 (got mine in 18 balls) and declared to give the Gnomes the majority of the overs/time.

Spent a pleasant rest of the day fielding at slip and bowled a couple of tidy overs.

Apparently the match was drawn (we were playing win/lose/draw) with their last batter (12th in all) defending the last ball, but with none of their batters declaring at 30 the moral victory (and we all know that is the only victory that matters eh Ben) was clearly hours.

Hung around for an hour afterwards but with the only food option been BBQ Burgers & Sausages and a long drive ahead of me I didn’t hang around too long.

Got to give a shout out to a GREAT tea!!!