You may have noticed that our Chair, Dr Simon Chowdhury, has been very supportive on Twitter of the #LiveableNHSBursary campaign, and as a club No Boundaries Cricket Club is more than happy to be adding our support to this campaign, and to the NHS in particular.

Our coloured playing shirts will highlight this cause and we hope to arrange a match this season against a Students Doctors team to raise awareness of the issue.

Frankly it is appalling that our Government is investing so little in supporting the future of the NHS, whilst at the same time effectively excluding all but the privileged from training to be Doctors. If you think that reminds you of something else you are right, cricket, which is reason enough for us to be supporting this cause.

Until doors are open to all and funding is not an obstacle we will not get our best people and we will not compete with other countries, be that in the operating room or the changing room.

Anybody who has enough talent and dedication should have the chance to become a Doctor. Yet medical school is increasingly unaffordable for most people. It’s time for Immediate access to full maintenance loans for medical students.

@KateOsamor Labour & Co-op MP for Edmonton

The NHS Bursary and reduced maintenance loan ensure barrier after barrier to completing the degree. The message is clear: economic diversity stops at the door to medical school – once you’re in, you can only remain if you can afford it

Not much to ask for is it

There is zero doubt that at sometime in the future you, your family or your friends will need a Doctor – can you imagine how you would feel if you didn’t have access to the best!