ECB Anti Discrimination Code

The ECB launched a new Anti-Discrimination Code of Conduct ahead of the 2021 season. The Code ensures that any incidence of discrimination in the professional game and in recreational leagues and clubs that fall under the ECB’s jurisdiction can be subject to disciplinary processes and sanctions.

The Anti-Discrimination Code for the 2022 season can be found here.

The implementation of the Anti-Discrimination Code of Conduct builds on the work the ECB has undertaken to tackle discrimination and promote greater inclusion and diversity across the game. 

Tom Harrison, ECB Chief Executive Officer, said: “We remain absolutely committed in our resolve to stamp out any form of discrimination and to make the game more inclusive and diverse. 

“The new Anti-Discrimination Code of Conduct sends a clear message that any discriminatory behaviour will be dealt with through disciplinary processes and sanctions. We will continue to build on the actions already taken to launch a number of new initiatives that will help us in our next step towards making cricket a truly inclusive and diverse sport.

If you have experienced discrimination in a cricketing environment, you can report it to the ECB here.