Cats Protection Society

There is absolutely no way we couldn’t include the Cats Protection Society as one of the animal welfare charities we support. Both Chris and Sandra are passionate about cats, with Sandra having re-homed over 2300 (as of July 2022) and Chris transported over 4,200 (as of July 2022) through their ALStrays Re-Homing and Transport project they set up whilst living in Spain. A project which started when they adopted Moreno who not only transformed their lives, but the lives of all the cats and dogs they have subsequently helped. Both Moreno and ALStrays are recognised on our Coloured Playing Shirts by way of a tribute.

Chris has basically retired from transports now but still does a little in the UK to help out the charities and causes he has worked with over the years and he works with a Romanian Transporter as their UK Agent.

Sandra has continued with her re-homing project in Spain but is part of the Cats Protection Team locally so is as busy as ever helping the cats, hence our support of the charity.