Breaking In A New Catchers Baseball Mitten

Bought a new Rawlings Catchers Baseball Mitten recently which is pretty much an essential part of any coaches kit bag these days, and I would suggest a great addition to any teams kit bag for those much loved pre game warm up sessions!

Weent with Rawlings as they were the glove of choice for most of my (Chris’s) friends when I was at school in Minneapolis in the early 80’s

The catchers glove is probably the best option for us cricketers as a) most of us are not actually that familiar with how to use a mitten, and b) it has extra protection around the outside – which is relevant given a).

Of course a new glove needs breaking in and some pre use TLC which leads me to the second purchase.

Bought this from The Baseball & Softball Shop for £18 (Amazon charge £41)

I last did this in the 80’s, hours in my room banging a baseball into the glove. Now of course you can use a mallet (the one you use for knocking your bat in will work just fine).

Anyway here are a few tips:

  1. Avoid the instinct to get the glove to close as you actually want as big a pocket as possible which means soft leather,that you can control/close with your hand.
  2. Practice makes perfect so by far the best way to break a glove in is to use it!
  3. A catchers mitt is stiffer than a regular mitten so work on using your index finger and thumb to close the glove.
  4. It is your glove so make sure it is ‘moulded’ to your hand!
  5. Pay attention to the laces a) when you adjust the glove to your hand and throughout use to ensure they remain tight.
  6. If you store the glove in your bag, place a ball in the pocket and strap it in place, don’t let the glove fold as it wants!
  7. Try and store the glove out of the bag and as flat as possible.
  8. Use glove oil sparingly, and only on dry spots.