A New Bill Would Make It Illegal to Discriminate Against Dogs in Public Housing. 

It is hard to think of a more appropriate petition for us to support. Keeping owners and their pets together at all times is a priority, never more so than when they are going through hard times.

Stereotypes don’t just hurt people. They can and do hurt dogs as well. For example, unscientific assumptions have led to government officials demonizing pit bulls, Rottweilers, and other dog breeds — even banning the breeds outright. Studies have shown time and time again that breed has very little impact on dog behavior, even among purebreds. In fact, a recent paper suggested that less than 10% of behavioral variation in dogs could be explained by breed. Breed-based discrimination can have a huge impact on dogs’ families as well, through fines, eviction, and separating them from their beloved fur babies. That’s why it’s so exciting that Congress is considering the Pets Belong with Families Act. This bill would eliminate dog breed restrictions in public housing, meaning pets and their families can stay together!

The proposed bill would prevent public housing authorities from banning certain breeds of dogs. This is important because, for many people in public housing, it’s hard to find other viable, affordable housing options for themselves and their family. Packing up and moving to another building complex simply because a dog you own belongs to a “banned breed” is not an option. This creates an awful cycle in which many loving families are forced to either let their animals become strays, or return them to shelters. A devastating number of these sheltered animals ultimately end up euthanized. Banning breed discrimination in public housing would be a victory for pets, for low-income families, and for shelters, which are often overcrowded and understaffed. Congress must pass the Pets Belong with Families Act Now! Sign the petition if you agree.