A pre season game between Birmingham Unicorns and NBCC.

NBCC team will include players from NBCC, Milford Hall Cricket Club, and a few guests.

The game will provide an opportunity for regular players to get some overs into the legs and for those that have not played before or who are returning to the game to dip the old toes in without fear!

This will be the first of a three game series played throughout the year, which will be annual events: pre season, Bank Holiday T20, end of season.


Sunday 16th April


Milford Hall Cricket Club, Main Road, Milford, Stafford, ST17 0UL

Website: https://milfordhall.play-cricket.com

GPS: N52°47’18.9″ W2°02’56.7″ or 52.788592, -2.049075


1pm Start

Please arrive midday so we can get some photos done, have a inspirational team talk, a warm up, and for us oldies compare aches and pains.


40 Overs Per Side

iF we have to revert to T20 because of the weather we will still field first. We will stick to the same batting and bowling order. Bowlers will bowl 2 overs each and Batters will retire after facing 12 balls or 15 runs, but can bat again if necessary at the end of the innings.

Play Cricket

The game is on Play Cricket so please ensure you register


All welcome over the age of 14.

Scorers and Umpires

Scorers: Thomas Roche making his debut! and Jack Rule.

Umpires: Unfortunately both umpires have cried off: one has a course the other waiting on their DBS from ECB so we will try and replace but we may all have to chip in “old school” and take turns.


NBCC will provide coloured playing tops for the NBCC team. Please let us know your size and we will do our best to provide you with the right one BUT we don’t have sweaters so consider a base layer, or even a sweater underneath. If possible wear black bottoms, or feel free to head over to our store and treat yourself. You will be able to buy your coloured top for £30 if you feel so inclined with all the funds going into to supporting the club.

Players with a * have already purchased playing tops, so please don’t forget them 🤞

If you do need to borrow equipment or kit please check our our virtual kit bag and let us know in advance what you need.

NBCC Squad/Team

  • Bob Instone (NBCC) – Confirmed L*
  • John Nunan WK (Milford) – Confirmed 2XL*
  • Mia Smith (Milford) – Confirmed Size L8 (S)
  • Kevin Jeffries (NBCC) – Confirmed 3XL
  • Katie Sturgess (Penkridge) – Size L8 (S)
  • Chris Marshall Captain (NBCC) – Confirmed 2XL*
  • Douglas Hughes (Church Eaton) – Confirmed Size M
  • Sarmad Ahmed (NBCC) – Confirmed XL *
  • Joshua Nunan (Milford) – Confirmed L
  • Hannah Smith (Milford) – Confirmed Size L8 (S)
  • Tim Murphy (NBCC) – Confirmed M

Let me know if anyone has any issues with this batting order.

We do have a lot of bowlers so was thinking of the following:

  1. Tim Murphy (6) – 4 & 2
  2. Hannah Smith (6) – 4 & 2
  3. Sarmad Ahmed (4)
  4. Katie Sturgess (4)
  5. Joshua Nunan (4)
  6. Dougie Hughes (4)
  7. Chris Marshall (4)
  8. Mia Smith (4)
  9. Kevin Jeffries (2)
  10. Bob Instone (2)

Again, let me know if anyone has any issues with this.

Could ALL NBCC players please read the NBCC Players Information page.

As this is a pre season game we will be very relaxed and accommodating about the number of players each time can use. Once we have exact numbers we will agree any flexibility required to the the playing conditions (see below).

We will ensure everyone gets a good game, but if there is anything specific that you want to work on then please let Chris know.

Please note that this is a mixed sex game with juniors we will ensure that nobody changes whilst a member of the opposite sex or juniors are in the changing room. No phones in the changing room please.

Playing Conditions

  1. Two new pink balls will be available per innings, a Full Size (Mens Cricket) and a Intermediate (Women’s Cricket) for use at the captain’s discretion i.e. both balls can be used to suit the bowlers preference.
  2. A batter will retire on 35 but can recommence their innings at the end of the teams innings when all batters have batted, and can carry on until they are out or the innings ends.
  3. If a side is all out within the 40 Overs they can carry on batting to give everyone pre season match time BUT runs and wickets will not be recorded, the sides total will be what it was when the 10th wicket fell.
  4. If a team has more than eleven players then players can pair up and share the game i.e. one may bat, the other bowl and share the fielding, or they may decide to share their allocated 8 over per bowler maximum, or a batter can retire and their ‘buddy’ continue the innings.
  5. Birmingham Unicorns will bat first.
  6. Maximum of 8 overs per bowler, with juniors limited to a maximum of 4 overs per spell.
  7. We don’t need to see any ‘Mankads’ at this level BUT we all need to adopt best practice so umpires/bowlers/captains are asked to point out to a batter if they are a potential ‘victim’ for the sole purpose of helping them avoid it in future games.

Match Fee

No match fee, but those that are able to make a donation are encouraged to do so.


Bring your own, but tea, coffee and biscuits provided pre game and the bar will be open post game and if anyone fancies it we can arrange a take away curry post game in the Club House: £10 per person and will need to have numbers confirmed the week before.

Rainbow Laces

Lacuna Sports have kindly donated so Rainbow Laces for those playing in the game. They will be available on the day, or get in touch if if you want to get them before hand.

Cricket Kindness Project

We will be collecting unwanted cricket equipment for our partner The Cricket Kindness Project on the day. Any equipment collected on the day will be available to purchase with all proceeds going to the project, and any unsold equipment will be added to the general pot for distribution to those in need.

Win A Kane Williamson Signed Cricket Bat

We will be offering a chance to win this bat at each game.