The UK might kick out Ukrainian refugees in only 3 years

The UK Plans to Kick Ukrainian Refugees Out in Three Years, Even if the War Continues

Ukrainians have suffered tremendously since Russia attacked and invaded the country last year. Putin’s heinous actions have created a nightmare for families and children, many of whom have fled to save their own lives.

These people are war refugees, and they deserve a safe place to stay and settle. But under current policy, Ukrainians will be kicked out of the United Kingdom just three years after they arrive.

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This policy means that children and families would be forced to return to a home that might still be filled with desolation, bombs, and impending death.

Putin’s campaign has been relentless, and we have no evidence the country will be safe to return to within the UK’s designated timeframe.

After so much uncertainty, displacement, and trauma, these refugees deserve to settle without the looming threat of deportation or loss of a visa after just a few short years.

Sign now to tell the UK Parliament: extend the visas of Ukrainian refugees to let them settle in the United Kingdom and make a safe home for themselves, their families, and their children!