Rob Lewis In Pakistan

Wanted to share with you some of the photos that NBCC Ambassador and all round good guy Rob Lewis (aka @elitebandwagon) has been posting from Pakistan where he is watching the Tests and bringing a smile to many a face.

A rare sighting of Rob without a beer in hand as he and Barmy Army Trumpeter Finch (@FinShwaa) promote Tapal Tea and if you look at Rob’s hat you will see that he is proudly wearing his NBCC Pin!
Two Legends with a shared love for the game but fair to say at different ends of the scale ability wise, and choice of drink wise!
Love this photo of Dain who befriended Rob and Finchy (who has a pretty impressive CV having played trumpet for Liam Gallagher, Kanye West, Blu, Jay-, Beyonce, Paul Weller, and Florence & The Machine.
With Dain who will hopefully remember this for the rest of his life as Rob adds to the youngsters Whakapapa
With Chuck Adolphy (@chuckadolphy) who runs the Barmy Army Social Media
Barmy Army can get some negative press but they do so much good for the game.
Just look at the joy on their faces.

Could not be happier or more appreciative that we have this guy involved with us, one of the good guys for sure. Thanks Rob for all you do for cricket.