Petition: We need to fund research into how social media affects kids’ mental health

Social Media Has Important Benefits. But We Need More Research Into Its Harmful Effects… Especially on Kids.

Mental health struggles are on the rise in the U.S., and children may be feeling some of the worst effects. One study found that the number of teens and young adults with clinical depression in the U.S. literally doubled between 2011 and 2021, an unprecedented increase. 

These numbers should shock us all to our core. Why are so many young people suffering from mental health crises in this country? According to the Surgeon General and many health experts, social media may be a contributing factor.

While social media is an incredible resource for information sharing, personal expression, and elevating diverse voices, we are still in the beginning stages of understanding its adverse effects — a process often hindered by platforms’ refusal to be transparent about the harm they may cause.

If experts are able to do more research, that will give policymakers the information they need to make choices that protect both our children’s wellbeing and our freedom of speech. Sign now to tell the National Institutes of Health to devote funding to more research on the impacts of social media on young people!