Petition: Target stores must stop giving into anti-Pride pressure

Demand Target ignore right-wing bigots and put its Pride merchandise back on store shelves!

It’s Pride Month in the U.S. as well as here in the UK, and Big Box retailer Target had originally planned to present a wide range of LGBTQ+ celebratory products. But after hate-filled right-wingers inundated the corporation with threats and complaints, Target leadership decided to reverse course and pull its pride products.

Target must not let bigots dictate its decisions! Sign the petition to demand Target restore its Pride product displays!

This is a shameful show of cowardice from a major corporation that likes to style itself as an ally of the LGBTQ+ community — and make money off of this supposed allyship.

A high-profile conservative extremist explained his anti-queer strategy on Twitter: “The goal is to make ‘pride’ toxic for brands.” Right now, Target is letting people like that dictate its approach.

The decisions that corporate leadership make matter. Target is a gigantic corporation in the U.S., with stores all over the country. Three-quarters of all Americans live within a 10-mile distance from a Target store, so its choices are extremely impactful.

It’s time for Target to prove that all its allyship rhetoric is for real and not just a stunt to make money. It’s not okay to abandon supposed values the second it’s not convenient anymore. We must not let homophobes and hate-mongerers win!

Demand Target ignore right-wing extremists and put its Pride merchandise back on the shelves!