My Cricket Story: Rosa Simkin

When people come across my page and content, the usual question is why? What makes you care so much about making a difference in this sport?

Well, when I was 9 or 10 my older sister Mae introduced me to cricket. When I say introduced the reality was she dragged me to Edgbaston to watch a Birmingham Bears T20 game. But I absolutely loved it. This resulted in a Junior Bears membership for Christmas. Every now and then, we’d head to a game in our bright yellow jersey’s which attracted all kinds of flies. It was my favourite thing to do and became the highlight of the weeks I found myself sitting in the fortress and watching on as wickets fell and balls came by. Slowly, I found myself grasping the rules and building a real connection to the game.

As the years have gone by and as I’ve grown older so my love for the game also increased. The occasional game became much more frequent and the formats I watch began to broaden. I also began to play myself, taking inspiration from all around me. With visits to the nets and training sessions a regular occurence in my week now.

Fast forward to 2021, my love for cricket was at an all time high. But it was only here when my passion flourished for the Women’s game. Of course I had always enjoyed watching the women play internationally and regionally but for some reason it took this long for me to find my true love in women’s sport. When I look back now, I find this shocking and I often do find myself asking why it took so long and the answer I always come to is I never saw it. There was barely representation in the media for the women’s game and women’s domestic games may have been televised but it was a very rare occurence.

Did you know 50% of athletes in the world are women, yet we only recieve 4% of ALL sports media coverage. Shocking right?

This is why early in 2022 I created Rosa Talks Ball, a vlog dedicated to all things women’s sport. I never want young girls to be in the position I found myself in of just not knowing that this is all out there.

For me it’s simple, if you give women the stage to perform and aim the spotlight on it, we will smash it out of the park. The Hundred broke records in 2022 as thousands filled grounds to watch the best talent in world cricket play. Men and Women’s. The Lionesses brought the football home in the Summer infront of the biggest crowd for a Euros final, men or women’s aswell as millions watching from home. The ECB announced recently that there will be an increase to 10 professional contract per region in the women’s domestic game. That’s 80 pros, not including the England stars.

My message will always remain strong, the game has two halves and I will always fight to showcase the half that has been looked down on for far too long. My plans and ambitions for Rosa Talks Ball continue to grow and I can’t wait to continue the journey I have found myself on.