Lacuna Woman’s Cap

We have designed a NBCC #periodsupportive cap with Lacuna Sports, but not just any old cap, quite simply the best hat for ponytails!

We have teamed up with Ponyflo®, a female-led American brand that has created a cap for all sporty hairstyles. High, low, in the middle, in a bun – this hat can handle it all. With a ‘no-tangle’ velcro closure, performance fabric for breathability, and sized for women, we think it’s a great addition to your kit!

Because we have to place a minimum order we will hold a stock which we happily sell for £25 and we will award a few along the way as we do with our male cricket caps and cricket caps.

These caps will be worn when playing in our coloured playing kit, and of course socially, and our philosophy remains the same with the women and girls’ team as it does with the men” please feel free to wear your own club cap when you play for NBCC.

We have a number of Woman’s cricket caps to be worn with our whites and as with the men we will happily sell if we have any in stock and will award a few based on our very top secret and complex algorithm!