Indoor Cricket

I have never understood why Indoor Cricket isn’t a larger part of the Coaches ‘tool bag’, or indeed clubs don’t use it more than ‘traditional nets’.

  • the same applies for an outdoor session during the season.

Yes. It can be a disorganised thrash, but if that is the case so what? As a minimum you are batting, bowling, fielding and getting to know your teammates.

A well structured indoor game though with different areas worth different runs (far wall a straight drive for 6 or 4), making mid wicket wall worth 6 &4, but cover 4&2 to reward/encourage the onside shot), game scenarios set (10 to win off 4, or last wicket to draw off 6) bring in a competitive element. They make everybody think: where am I going to get my runs, where am I going to bowl, what field shall I set?

Other skills that are required other than the obvious batting, bowling and fielding: running between wickets, decision making, forming a strategy.

One of the biggest opportunities it provides is to give players a ‘safe’ environment to put into practice what they have been working on in their practice and coaching session, and to observe others, talk to senior players, captains and coaches, and as ‘nets’ can often feel like there is a lot of waiting around, it keeps everyone involved.

I like to pair batters up, very much along the lines of probably batting partners in a game so yes, the two openers, but then maybe a 4 and 8, 7 and 11, 3 and 9 (think mid order collapse)