Hundreds of bills attacking LGBTQ people this year alone

The GOP Wants to Ban Trans Healthcare. We Won’t Let Them. Please consider signing #mysportalso.

In the tidal wave of anti-LGBTQ legislation sweeping the United States, “safe havens” could provide a much needed dam. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently issued an executive order guaranteeing anyone in his state the right to healthcare, regardless of “sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression,” or even NJ residency.

Tell more states to become safe havens!

The unrelenting attack on the LGBTQ community has included many bills that would limit or even flat out deny gender-affirming healthcare for trans and non-binary youth. But according to Governor Murphy’s executive order, no one can be extradited from New Jersey, nor punished by the authorities there, for seeking gender-affirming care.

Censoring speech in schools. Requiring teachers to out kids to their parents. Kicking trans kids off of their sports teams. The GOP’s effort to make the LGBTQ community silent and invisible is clear. To keep up with the rampant, fascistic policies of the GOP, many more states need to become safe havens like New Jersey — add your name to the petition.