Head of Community Development

There are three key components to the NBCC Strategy:

1) Working with Clubs
2) Working with Communities
3) Working with Individuals

Our Head of Community Development will develop programes which will work for all our target communities: LGBTQ+, Disabled, Woman and Girls’ and Development (juniors moving into senior cricket).

We will trial initiatives within one community, review, amend, test and then role them out across all communities through our Community Leaders (we will have one for each of the above communities reporting into the Head of Community Development).

The Head of Community Development will manage our Affiliated Grounds and Affiliated Clubs programmes to expand clubs we can train and play at.

The objective is to develop a national network of clubs where players can get involved, feel welcome, and work on their development plan with both their club and ourselves.

An NBCC sticker on the clubhouse window will indicate you are at such a club.