Campaign to Save First Class Cricket

The ongoing debate and battle about the future of English Cricket and in particular County Cricket is never really out of the news. At times it bubbles away just under the surface, at times it sprouts like an erupting volcano. We are in one of the volcano periods at the moment with the Strauss High Performance Review is due to report this autumn with recommendations to the ECB on changes needed to improve the standard of professional cricket in England and Wales.  

A number of media reports state that reducing the number of first class matches in county cricket from 14 to 12 or as little as 10 is a favoured option. 

Organisations such at the Lancashire Action Group and the Cricket Supporters Association continue to fight the good fight and as ever the more support from members and fans the better.

Changes such as these cannot be made without a significant majority of the counties agreeing to them.  Members own 15 of the 18 counties (Durham, Hampshire and Northants are not member owned) and so now is the time for cricket supporters to make their views known to their county boards. If enough fans object then this proposal cannot go ahead.

Lancashire Action Group

A petition has been set up which you can sign below. If you have any issues with the form please email