This page has all the details relating to the fixture.


Sunday 3rd September 2023


Hospital Services Cricket Club

GPS: N50°49’02.2″ W1°51’14.9″ or 50.817265, -1.854148




35 Overs Win, Lose or Draw

Play Cricket

The game is on Play Cricket so please ensure you are registered


All welcome. Adults will be playing so please ensure you are comfortable for any children to be playing at that level BUT all levels are welcome and will be accomodated.

The fixture will be on Play Cricket and it would be GREAT if we could record all our games so if you are already registered on Play Cricket then please request to join our club, or please register with Play Cricket if you plan on playing regularly. We can add you as a guest for the match if you prefer.


Unfortunately the scorer is now no longer available


Unfortunately the umpire is now no longer available


We will be playing in NBCC Club Whites which will be provided for those that do not own a set of club whites.

If you do need to borrow equipment or kit please check our our virtual kit bag and let us know in advance what you need.


This is a suggested/probable batting order which we will discuss before the game so if you have issues or suggestions let Rob or I know on the day or via WhatsApp.

1. Laurence Skermer Own Kit (Hotel)

2. Billy Fletcher Shirt M Trousers M

3. Nihar Reshamwala Shirt L Trousers L

4. Avinash Reshamwala Shirt M Trousers M

5. Chris Marshall Own Kit (Hotel)

6.Sam Lewis Shirt S Trousers S

7. Adam Marshall (WK) Shirt L Trousers M

8. Rob Franks (Captain) Shirt L Trousers L

9. Jason Viney Shirt XL Trousers XL

10. Simon Foulds Shirt XL Trousers XL (Hotel)

11. Paul Johnston Shirt XL Trousers L (Hotel)

12. George McMenemy (Vice Captain) Shirt 2XL Trousers XL


This is a suggested/probable bowling order which we will discuss before the game so if you have issues or suggestions let Rob or I know on the day or via WhatsApp.

  1. Paul Johnston (Right Arm Seamer)
  2. Avinash Reshamwala (Right Arm Seam)
  3. Simon Foulds (Left Arm Slow)
  4. Rob Franks (Right Arm Slow)
  5. Jason Viney (Right Arm Slow)
  6. Barry Fisher (Right Arm Seamer)
  7. Chris Marshall (Right Arm Slow)
  8. Laurence Skermer Right Arm Slow)

Could ALL NBCC players please read the NBCC Players Information page.

Playing Conditions

  1. New Red Ball per innings
  2. 7 Overs Per Bowler

Match Fees

£10. I have settled this with the cub so either cash on day or transfer to Chris Marshall, HSBC 40-43-14 01386700.


To be provided by Hospital Services Cricket Club

Curry is being organised after a few drinks at the club! The Curry Garden 10 High St, Ringwood BH24 1AF

For those wanting to stay overnight after the game we will be staying at St Leonards Hotel, Ringwood

Cricket Kindness Project

We will be collecting unwanted cricket equipment for our main project The Cricket Kindness Project on the day. Any equipment collected on the day will be available to purchase with all proceeds going to support NBCC causes, and any unsold equipment will be distributed by The Cricket Kindness Project as usual.


This game is a replacement for the cancelled game from August 2022 to raise awareness of this issue so we will be highlighting this worthy cause through this fixture.

Further Information

The game will be played at the Doug Baker Ground which is the home of the Hospital Services Cricket Club. This was a WWII Hospital and then an NHS Hospital before conversion to a housing estate which is home to a small NHS rehabilitation and out patient unit.

The club was established in 1953 so we will be playing them in their Platinum Anniversary year so it would be good if we aim to generate some funds to help them mark the occasion. They have an anniversary dinner on 14th October which Rob Franks is speaking at so if you have any raffle prizes you can donate they will be gratefully received.

Win A Kane Williamson Signed Cricket Bat

We will be offering a chance to win this bat at each game.