Time To Stop Spraying The Fizzy Stuff

Can you spot the differences between the two images below?

The winning England Team Celebrate
Some of the winning England Team celebrate

Not too difficult: the champagne comes in and Moeen and Adil go out!

Now quite rightly England over the years have been applauded for waiting for Moeen and Adil to leave the stage before the rest of the team celebrate in the traditional way: the spraying of champagne (invented apparently by Dan Gurney at Le Mans in 1967).

But look at the recent video posted on Twitter, which again has drawn praise for Buttler and tell me that it doesn’t look like a very happy, joyous Adil is being sent away, excluded from the celebrations.

How can that be right in a climate that demands inclusivity and from a team that has already done so much to make all players inclusive: “we are all in this together ….. until the booze comes out!”

Many have commented that the fizz could be replaced with sparkling water, which is not going to happen when the ECB have their own range of sparkling wine to promote.

This suggestion also misses the point that CSK accepted when Moeen requested they removed the alcohol brand from his top – that many Muslim players do not want to be associated with the promotion of alcohol, so given the association with alcohol this form of celebration has I think it is time the ECB introduced a more inclusive way of celebration.