Rotating Strike

The net this week is for the First XI squad and those from the and is the start of the “second half” of the Indoor Nets, which will see quite a step up in the technical side of the game as we start to prepare the teams for the season.

It will also see the introduction of some “team talks” as part of each session where we will discuss the objective of the session and how individuals will approach it.

For example: if the objective of the batters is to rotate the strike, we will discuss collectively how the bowling unit may address this, and then go and practice.

The aim is to have more intense and challenging sessions.We will be taking the same approach at the Development Nets, where the game scenarios will be less challenging, and along with the skills required aligned far more to this squad.


A different environment to the busy Club Net, we will now be working in smaller, targeted groups, ensuring players within each team get both quality and quantity of practice.There will be a few throw downs to warm up, but there is a clear competition between bat and ball this week.


Batting: we will be looking at rotating the strike by using the crease, manipluating the field, and identifying where there are singles.

Bowlers: we will be looking at setting and bowling to a field – accuracy, consistency, variation


11.00 Introduction

11.05 Warm Up

11.10 Fielding Drill

11.20 Nets Out

11.25 Demonstration and Team Discussion

11.30 Nets

12.30 Nets Away

We will use three Nets.

Net 1: will be used for specific drills

Net 2: will be used by the spin bowlers

Net 3: will be used by the pace bowlers


Net 1: Tip and Run (soft hands, angles, manipulation)

Net 2: Bowling To A Field/Rotating Strike (Spin)

Net 3: Rotating To A Field/Rotating Strike (Pace)

Batters will bat on their own, with 5 mins in each net, so two batting at a time, and one doing the Net 1 Drill.

Batting Order