Raising £2,500 to help Mercy fly home

Mercy is a victim of horrendous abuse. So severe was her condition that even with animal abuse being a common occurrence in animal rescue, her plight shocked thousands all over the world. Romana Bhatti is the Vice Chair of TWS, who are affiliated to Osha’s Flying Paws which she started and who we are proud to support. We have said we will provide transport for Mercy in the UK and have been advising Romana on the rehabilitation of Mercy and preparing her for her travel to the UK.

Please donate to help cover the travel costs for Mercy.

Mercy was found one winter day lying by the side of the road bleeding profusely and unable to move. We were told that two evil men had beaten her almost to death claiming that she had rabies. People had intervened but by then she had been beaten to within an inch of her life. She was rushed to the shelter but it did not look as though she would survive so severe were her injuries. We named her Mercy as she had been shown no mercy by those inflicting pain and misery onto her tiny body.

It took time but Mercy began to heal physically, sadly she lost a leg to the beating and what was even more sad was the fact that x-rays showed that she had bullets lodged in her legs, meaning that in the past this poor dog had also been shot but by some miracle had survived.

Seeing her condition and the abuse that she had endured we made a promise to Mercy that no-one will ever hurt this girl again and we knew that it would be best for Mercy to travel abroad and find the loving forever home denied to her all these years in Pakistan. Mercy has a wonderful forever home waiting for her in the UK and this is why she needs your help. We need to raise £2500 to cover Mercy’s flight and all clearance charges at Heathrow. Invoices of all costs incurred will be supplies but please note that her prep charges are not included as we have covered them from our own funds including rabies titre test from a UK lab. Mercy is fully prepped to travel and we are hoping that she will make her journey early November 2022, but this will not be possible unless funds are secured and in place.

Please help Mercy to travel so that this abused, scared and sad girl can find her happy ever after.