Pakistan Tour Project

This is very very very tentative at the moment, not particularly well thought through and very possibly our maddest idea to date (well to be fair we haven’t had any ideas so the bar is pretty low but having come across the beautiful “Rakaposhi Cricket Stadium” in District Nagar, Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan thanks to Chris has got a tad fixated on trying to set up a tour!

The ‘all in’ idea is a adult mens team, an adults womans team, and a mixed boys and girls team which would be amazing to say the least.

Research has started ….

Who wouldn’t want to play here?
Three ‘local’ teams is encouraging for a week long tour.
Fair to say is a little remote.

Not much to add at the moment, just sharing the thought, but if you are interested keep an eye on our Twitter Feed, or drop us an email.