NBCC Women and Girls’ Team

Yesterday we tweeted that we have been having discussions about the possibility of setting up NBCC Women and Girls’ Cricket Teams and it prompted quite a lot of feedback with a lot of DM’s asking for more information, so ……

Firsty this is VERY much an idea at the moment and we have only just started discussions.

Secondly, we CAN NOT do this alone so would be looking for partners and ideally a sponsor to contribute towards the costs.

The basic idea is that we develop a ‘kit bag’ of equipment and playing kit and this is used by the teams to play a number of games each season around the UK to a) help introduce the women and girls’ game to clubs and b) give girls and women new to the game the opportunity to develop their skills and match experience.

In order to do this we would need to:

  • create a jointly branded playing kit between ourselves and a company that specialises in playing kit for Girls and Women
  • hold a stock of women and girls’ specific equipment (Bats, Balls, Batting Pads & Gloves, Bats and Protective Clothing)
  • sign up playing (or ex) women professionals to have input to the design of the playing kit (would carry their initials/name/nickname and playing number for example) and to act as an ambassador and mentor.

We have most of the above ‘in progress’ but would love to hear from anyone that wanted to get involved, had any ideas or suggestions, or had some money they would like us to put to good use!