NBCC Club Partnerships

The challenges and responsibilities facing club cricket are significant, and meeting these challenges and responsibilities is not going to be easy for many clubs. A fundamental change is required: retaining and developing the youngsters being introduced to cricket by the various ECB initiatives, meeting the diversity and inclusivity requirements of society, becoming community focussed clubs, satisfying the cricketing and social demands of a wider range of players ages, sex and religious beliefs.

Cricket Clubs are traditionally run by former players who “know how things are done”, supported by volunteers who generally are retired or have time on their hands, so very often are not fully representative of today’s society and in particular the developing source of players and revenues that clubs need to attract.

NBCC has experience of many of the challenges facing clubs and has introduced a Club Partnerships programme to help clubs on a short, medium or long term basis.

As a NBCC Club Partner we will provide you with the following support as required:

  • advise on the development of a Five Year Development Plan (crucial for securing future grant funding) * we will write the plan for you for an agreed fee.
  • assist in the development and introduction of a Club Development Programme for Players
  • mentor and coach team leaders, coaches and volunteers
  • advise on becoming a Community Cricket Club
  • develop Marketing and Fundraising plans with club officials and volunteers
  • advise Club Committees on strategy, change management and the implementation of new teams
  • work with Club Coaches to develop team and player specific training sessions and plans
  • identify strategic partners to develop the club both on and off the field.

As a NBCC Club Partner you will provide the following:

Club Partners

Church Eaton

To sign up or discuss becoming a NBCC Club Partner please get in touch.