NBCC Club Partnership Mersey Rose Recreationals

We are delighted that Mersey Rose Recreationals CC (@merseyrose) have decided to continue their development journey by becoming a NBCC Club Partner.

NBCC and MRCC share a very similar vision: to enable diversity and inclusivity in Cricket. MRCC do this from a LGBTQ+ base while NBCC do this by working with clubs across a number of marginalised groups: LGBTQ+, Women and Girls’, the disabled.

The partnership between ourselves will focus on promoting these objectives with NBCC providing some coaching sessions throughout the year, playing one or two games if required, and using our consultancy expertise and cricket knowledge to help MRCC develop.

The coaching session NBCC ran during the off season was really well received by all the members and highlighted to us the benefit of working with an organisation like NBCC who have a strong cricketing knowledge, both on and off the field, and will provide us with the cricketing insight and development plans we need to grow both as a club and as players.

Andi Page – Hardball Team Captain

Partnering and working with clubs like MRCC is exactly what NBCC was set up to do: help individuals from marginalised parts of society to to use cricket to develop their whakapapa. Developing a structure to their training and practice, and helping them to grow both on and off the pitch is something we are excited to be given the opportunity to do.

Chris Marshall – NBCC Chair & CEO