Match Report: Runs4Research

Today I had the pleasure in playing in the first #Runs4Research (@Runs4Research), a brilliant cause we are happy to support, game against Sarisbury Athletic Cricket Club, the first club to have signed up to support Runs4Research.

I say play but in reality I drove a long way, was bowled first ball, stood at slip all our innings apart from a couple of OK overs, but it was a lovely day, and I got another shirt to add to the collection!

Put simply we were thrashed, which is often the case when a ‘charity team’ plays a club team: on their home ground, with a mix of 1s, 2s and development players, but the spirit was good, the tea exceptional, the quality of the cricket (with one exception!) good and it was good to get the chance to support the cause and talk to a few people about what we are doing at NBCC.

Not holding my breath for selection next year though!