LGBTQ+ Team Captain Darrell Butler

We are delighted that Darrell is taking on the role of Captain of our new NBCC LGBTQ+ Team, as he now embraces the challenge of taking his personal development as a player and a captain to the next level. This is exactly what our team is for.

Darrell has been involved with the Birmingham Unicorns since their first game in 2021, and has been involved throughout the planning process for this new team.

“This is a great opportunity for cricketers from the LGBTQ+ community to develop their game in a competitive environment across a small number of matches during the season.

Graces led the way in 1996, followed by the Unicorns in 2021, and since then we have seen the emergence of the Leeds Kites (2023).and the Mersey Rose (2024).

Graces have shown what is possible, but it takes time, requires a critical mass of players with the ability and aptitude, and a good coach, coupled with opportunities to apply and showcase their learning in matches against league-quality teams. This NBCC initiative will fast track the process for clubs and players, and it will allow LGBTQ+ players without a club to get involved and develop their skills.”

Darrell Butler – Captain

“We are delighted that Darrell is taking on the role of Captain as he develops his personal development as both a player and a captain, as this is exactly what our team is for.

Whilst existing LGBTQ+ clubs do a great job of enabling their members to play social and friendly cricket, the new NBCC project is the next step in creating a competitive league side to show that there is no reason this can’t be done with an LGBTQ+ based squad.

We think it is important that the team is made up of players from within the LGBTQ+ community, and also from those outside of it who share our values of building an inclusive and diverse environment all players feel comfortable in. This speaks to our core mission at NBCC, of breaking down barriers and ensuring there are ‘no boundaries’ to anyone who has the desire to play competitive cricket, regardless of their background.”

Chris Marshall – Founder

If you have any questions or want to get involved please get in touch.