Have A Plan

Do yourself, and your coach, a favour and have a plan! You will get so much more out of your training if you have specific goals, and your coach will be able to create specific sessions to help you achieve those goals …. and will find their coaching easier and far more enjoyable.

For the 2024 season my winter plan is:

Bowling: Consistent run up that is smooth and accelerates into the delivery stride allowing me to drive through the delivery more, which in turn will help me impart more spin and get ‘over the top’ more. Also want to work on two variations.

Fielding: Need to significantly improve my long throws, and my slip fielding. And yes my overall fitness and mobility needs working on BUT that is not something I need a coach for.

Batting: Stance & Trigger and being more upright as well as power hitting, sweep shots and playing the ball later.

I have spent a lot of the winter working on these indoors, on my own, to get the feel into my body and develop some strength and routines.

I have done a little work outdoors on my run up and stance & trigger and now that winter nets are starting I have a very structured plan that I will take into these nets.

Coaches Tips

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