Canada to Ban Dog Rescue from 100+ Countries

Animal Welfare is important to us at NBCC and we are proud to support a number of exceptional people and causes. The ongoing ban on animals into the UK from Romania is having a huge impact on many animals, rescues and transporters that we work with through ALStrays, and the ban Canada is set to impose will be devastating for our friends in Pakistan. These bans are unnecessary as they only hurt those that abide by the rules, the rule breakers continue to find ways around the system.

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Canada is set to ban dog rescue from some of the most vulnerable countries in the world, where many dogs face challenging lives and constant threats to their safety.

The new measure from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) will prohibit the entry of dogs for adoption and fostering from more than 100 countries after September 27, 2022.

Dog rescues weren’t consulted on the plans, and many are now saying that if this policy stands, they will have to shut down their operations—robbing dogs of a chance at a better life. This news came as a huge shock and is devastating to the many volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to saving lives.

This list of countries affected by the ban are those that CFIA considers to be at high risk for dog rabies, but rabies is 100% preventable with appropriate vaccinations.

Canada has been a beacon of hope for dogs living on the streets and in shelters in countries around the world. Bringing adoptable dogs to Canada means they are offered a second chance at life. Animal rescues have also built up a robust and complex system of veterinary care, vaccination, flight volunteers and adoption efforts to help.

The policy is especially heartbreaking for dogs in wartorn countries like Ukraine and Afghanistan and for dogs in countries like Philippines and China where rescuers are saving animals from the meat trade. Shockingly, the CFIA has offered no exceptions to the prohibition.

Join us in calling on the CFIA to allow adoptable animals into Canada via exemptions for animal rescues or humanitarian efforts.