2023 Plans

Having previously shared some of our plans it seemed a good time to share our 2023 plans, in what will be out first full year.

A big priority is to add to the Board with 2 or 3 new Directors so that we can increase the diversity and experience on the Board. In particular we are looking to expand our areas of expertise to include the Woman’s Game, Disabled Cricket, Grants & Fundraising and Strategic Partnerships. Please email Chris if you are interested.

We are always keen to add more Ambassadors, now more than ever as we need to expand our reach and awareness of all aspects of the game. We want people who can inspire others to get involved with cricket in any capacity. A great way to start is to share your cricket story with us and then we can talk about how you can get involved. We are NOT just looking to get people involved as players. Podcasters, Bloggers, Vloggers, Spectators, Umpires, Scorers, Grounds Staff, Volunteers, Statisticians are all welcome (and needed) to help mentor and inspire people to get involved.

We are always keen to have players sign up, be it for a specific game or as a club member. Clearly we are NOT a conventional cricket club, nor is our primary aim to play games, but we are aiming for 5 or 6 games in 2023 and then doubling that in 2024, so please consider signing up and of course buying some kit! We are also very aware how difficult it is to move from an occasional game where enthusiasm/novelty/adrenaline are high to fielding a regular team (especially when games are spread over the UK) which is one reason we will be looking to expand our Affiliated Clubs programme this year.

Partnerships are going to be crucial moving forward especially our NBCC Club Partner Programme which will enable us to help club develop plans to address the issues of diversity and inclusiveness, whilst giving valuable practise time to our own members and partners.

We are certainly going to need partners to help us populate our Education Hub!

Simon would never forgive me if I didn’t mention Kit! We are always trying to ad to our virtual club kit bag so please consider donating via our Just Giving Page and of course we have our Cricket Kindness Project.

And finally in addition to our various animal welfare causes we already support Chris is looking for one big project to get involved with now he has hung up his van keys for good.